Reservoir Memories

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Welcome, This site contains the photos of trolleys and Reservoir employees. The original photos were taken from the mid 1970's to the early 1990's. The object at the time was to take photos of people as they were about to retire. Any other people who were nearby were usually also asked to pose. Additional photos were taken at special events. These photos were in a shoebox on the top shelf of a closet until 2008 when the first version of this site was made and they were going to waste. If anyone has any photos of Reservoir or the people that worked there please contact me and I will be happy to include them. If anyone notices a name misspelled or a wrong name I need to be made aware so corrections can be made.

There is nothing for sale here and there are no pop ups. This site is just pure nostalgia.

For those of you that happen upon this site and are curious as to just what Reservoir is I will give a brief explanation. The M.B.T.A. in Boston has many bus garages also train and trolley repair facilities. They are usually named after a street or other entity that is in close proximity. Reservoir is named after the two reservoirs that were just to the west. One was filled in 1961 and Boston College built the football stadium, baseball field and several dormitory's where it used to be.

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